About Maternity


The unit also holds a nursery that has Incubators thus babies born with any form of complications one can be assured of proper and advanced care for their bundle of joy.
Mothers and their new born babies are provided with electric heaters for warmth while the hospitals kitchen which runs 24 hrs provides the mothers with food at odd hours upon request.
You will be assured of the warmest welcome if you come here for the birth of your baby.
The Nairobi West Hospital Maternity Unit is a fully equipped maternity wing which features private birthing rooms where mothers enjoy the convenience of staying in one room throughout labor and post-delivery.The unit has its own labor room and advanced Operation Theater to handle both Elective and emergency Cesarean cases. The warm comfortable home-like friendly environment has well established and experienced enthusiastic doctors, midwives, nurses and care assistants.
We believe in active, normal birth and we try to avoid electronic monitoring equipment for baby’s well-being if at all possible.